I have an ex-BT van with a KRS roof rack - can I get spare parts?

Short answer - yes! We offer a comprehensive range of KRS spares in our on-line store HERE.


Please note that if you are attempting to transfer the roof bars from an ex-BT Vivaro 'A' to the current model Vivaro 'B' (or Renault Trafic/Nissan NV300/Fiat Talento) you will not be able to use the bar mounted above the cabin. Please see the question Why don't you offer a 4-bar kit for Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic or Nissan Primastar? below.

Can I fit KRS roof bars to my vehicle?

KRS roof bars come in three basic types - gutter-mount, Minirack and AXB.

  • Gutter-mount bars are for older vans with a roof line gutter, for example Ford's ubiquitous Transit before 2014;
  • Minirack bars are for newer vans with dedicated mounting points in the roof;
  • AXB bars are suitable for most vans, cars, SUVs and pickup trucks with factory-fit or accessory roof rails.

Visit our on-line store HERE for the full range.

Can I fit my existing bars to my new van?

That all depends! There are very few instances where you can do a straight swap between models, even if it's a newer version of the same van. The only ones that we know about at present are -

  • Volkswagen Transporter T5 and T6 models (essentially the T6 is actually little more than a facelifted T5)
  • Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro 'A' to Vivaro 'B' - you can use your existing bars, but you'll need new roof adaptor brackets.

We do sell the parts needed should you decide to attempt a conversion (HERE), but the cost of spare parts for such a project often exceeds the cost of a brand new set of bars, PLUS you have the hassle of disassembling your existing bars, shortening them if necessary (or worse, finding that your bars are too short), reassembling them correctly, refitting the buffer strips and then reinstalling onto your van.


In short,  the answer is yes it can be done in some cases but more often than not it creates a load of hassle where for a little extra outlay you could have a brand new set of bars and simply "bolt on and go".

I don't see my vehicle listed in any of the applications lists - can I still get KRS roof bars to fit?

Even if you don't see your vehicle listed, there is a good chance that we can still help. Most of our fittings and mounting hardware is easily adaptable, and even if we don't have anything suitable we can still usually produce something within a week to ten days. We may need to see your vehicle beforehand, but if yours is the first of its type that we've done, you'll get up to 30% discount on the price AND we'll fit it for you!

Why don't you offer a 4-bar kit for Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic or Nissan Primastar?

To cut a very, very long and mind-numbingly boring story very short, it's because we feel that a four-bar kit simply isn't necessary for these vehicles. You will see 4-bar KRS kits on some Vivaro 'A'/Trafic X83 vans but these are usually ones supplied to our biggest customer at their request. This customer has since reverted to 3- and 2-bars kit on their new vans and as a result we no longer manufacture the parts required to fit a bar over the cabin on older (pro-2014) Vivaro, Trafic or Primastar vans.


In addition to this, the latest generation of these vehicles (Vauxhall-Opel Vivaro 'B', Renault Trafic X82, Nissan NV300 and Fiat Talento) suffer with a very flimsy cabin roof panel. When one of our bars is fitted above the cabin, the passage of air between the bar and the roof panel can cause it to resonate or "drum" - clearly this isn't desirable when driving as it could be a significant distraction or nuisance. Unfortunately this phenomenon seems to be completely random - some vans do it, others don't and there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it!

How do I order from KRS?

The easiest way to order from us is through our on-line shop which you can find HERE. We accept on-line payment via PayPal - you don't need a PayPal account though, just a valid credit or debit card.


We can also take your order over the phone on 01282 779143 and take a card payment via WorldPay.


If you would like to collect your order from us, or you are having your roof bars fitted by us, you can also pay by card on the day.


WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. We will accept cheques but these must be allowed to clear before goods are released (typically 4 - 7 working days).

Do you have a range of accessories and fittings for my roof bars?

At present our own range is quite small, but it will continue to grow. We currently offer pipe storage tubes ("Bazooka" tubes), ladder racks, security straps, load stops and loading rollers. The good news is that our bars are compatible with accessories from Thule and other manufacturers that use a channel-nut fitting system (NOT Rhino, Vanguard, etc. which use clamp-on fittings). PLEASE NOTE THAT WHILST OUR BARS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER MANUFACTURER'S ACCESSORIES, OUR ACCESSORIES MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH THEIR BARS.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes - we can fit your roof bars for you at our premises in Altham, Lancashire. We can do this free-of-charge Monday - Thursday (8am - 3pm) or Friday (8am to 11am). Please call (01282) 779143 to book an appointment.

Do you have a trade counter?

No, we do not offer a trade counter. However, you are welcome to collect your order from us by prior arrangement. If you want to do this, please call (01282) 779143 to make arrangements.



Do you have a dealer network?

Not as such. We hear from a lot of our customers that manufacturers who rely on a dealer network or third-party vendors often suffer with communication problems and shipping time. We would rather deal direct with the end user to ensure that you get what you need, at the first time of asking and as quickly as possible.


We are working with a few carefully selected vehicle convertors and accessory dealers, but most of our sales will remain direct to the end user for the foreseeable future.

Do you do trade racks or door ladders?

Er, no. We offer roof bars and GripperStep safety steps. Please visit our webshop to see the full range that we currently offer.

Still not sure? Send us a message or call us on (01282) 779143