CNC Machining

cnc conventional turning vmc live tooling
  • Our well-equipped machine shop utilises the latest in CNC technology allowing us to offer repeatable quality at competitive prices.
  • Mazak J500 - 5 Axis machining centre purchased new June 2020 capable of 500mm Dia x 350mm Z, 550mm Y and 510mm Z. 
  • Our lathes which are already state of the art are further augmented with auto bar feeders to allow for larger volume runs to be catered for.
  • Live tooling and the latest conversational programming systems allow us to convert your ideas into reality in a very short time frame allowing for research and development costs to be kept to a minimum and those smaller batches turned around faster and more efficiently.
  • Our vertical machining centres are likewise run using sophisticated software allowing us to programme in 3D, meaning we can use rapid machining techniques to produce high quality finishes and tolerances with the added advantage of lower production times.
  • Utilising these technologies allows us to keep tooling purchases to a minimum when undertaking your prototyping.